Nails Lit Scheduling


Princess nails 10 minutes $5.

Princess polish  10 minutes $10.

Manicure w/ Gel polish 45 minutes $25.

Manicure Regular polish 45 minutes $17.

Full set w/ Gel polish 90 minutes $50.

Full set ,Gel polish w/ 4 Finger Rhinestone 150 minutes $80.

Refill w/ Gel polish  60 minutes $40.

Refill, Gel polish w/ 4 Finger Rhinestone 120 minutes $65.

Nail Art Line work 15 minutes $15.

Nail Art Dot work 15 minutes $15.

Marble Art work add-on 30 minutes $15.

Nail piercings $7.

Extra rhinestone work equaling 6 fingers $10.

Extra rhinestone work equaling 10 fingers $35.

Natural Tip add-on 60 minutes $30.

French Tip add-on 60 minutes $40.



Custom Candle

Have a candle idea? Would you like to have your very own candle customized. Just drop us a ;\little description of how you would like your candle and we will bring your vision to light.

Custom Candle

  • Describe your candle to us and we will bring your vision to light.
    Starting price point for jars, If not sure of how you would like candle you do not have to pick jar. Just pick a Up to price and we will do the rest of the magic for you. (Up to price will determine how intricate candle will be.
  • How much are you willing to spend on the detail of your candle.
  • If you have a picture you would like to add to your candle please add it in this section.